Skills Checklist

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These checklists are a self-evaluation of your experience in specific clinical areas. This self evaluation will not be a determining factor in accepting your application to become an employee at Sharp Medical Staffing.


  • 1. No Experience
  • 2. Limited Experience-Requires initial assistance and/or supervision
  • 3. Experienced-Performs frequently without assistance/supervision
  • 4. Very Experienced-Performs frequently and can train/supervise other

Unit Specific Requirements

12 Lead EKG placement-Unit Specific
Ablation Patch Placement
Arterial pressure monitoring
Ground Pad Placement
Lab interpretation (normal lab values)
Perform ACT
Pericardiocentesis-Unit Specific
Radiation Safety
Removal of arterial and venous sheaths
Room set-up & turnover
Use of Cautery

Medication and Administration


Other Skills

Arterial line set-up
Cardioversion- external
Defibrillation-Other Skills

Work Settings

Charge Experience
Director Experience
EP Lab
Management Experience
Peds/Children’s Hospital
Teaching Hospital

Ablation procedures

EP Cables/Equipment Set-up
Map Afib Ablations
Map Aflutter Ablations
Map AV Node Ablations
Map SVT/VT Ablations
Perform Internal Cardioversion
Run Stimulator Afib Ablations
Run Stimulator Aflutter Ablations
Run Stimulator SVT/VT Ablations
Scrub Afib Ablations
Scrub Aflutter Ablations
Scrub AV Node Ablations
Scrub SVT/VT Ablations

Device implant procedure

Laser Lead Extraction-Device Implant
Perform Pocket Closure (Suture)
Temporary Pacemaker Insertion-Device Implant


Monitor Device Implants
Monitor EP Studies/Ablations
Obtain Arterial Access
Obtain Venous Access
Perform Mapping
Run Stimulator
Scrub Device Implants
Scrub EP Studies/Ablations

Circulate/Assist With Interventional Procedures

Permanent Pacemaker Implant

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