Licenses & Certifications

Use our interactive Nursing License & Certification map to find timeframes and direct links to license requirements for each state. Hover any state for details and links to each state application.

StateTemp TimePermanent TimeFeesNotesApplication
Alaska10 days4-8 weeks$325 Alaska
Alabama4-6 weeks4-6 weeks$138.50 Alabama
Arkansas10-14 days4-6 weeks$125Temp valid for 6 months Arkansas
Arizona30 days2-3 months$250 Arizona
California4-6 weeks10-12 weeks$200 California
Colorado10-14 days4-6 weeks$43 Colorado
Connecticut2 weeks - Can work 120 days3-4 weeks$180 Connecticut
District of ColumbiaWaiting for infoWaiting for info$230 + background check fee District of Columbia
Delaware1 week4-6 weeks$250 Delaware
FloridaN/A30 days$110Other fees will apply for Livescan and state verification Florida
GeorgiaN/A10-15 days$75 Georgia
Hawaii10-15 days2-4 weeks$146-$202 Hawaii
IowaReceive following Monday2-3 weeks$169 Iowa
IdahoN/A2 months$177 Idaho
Illinois3-4 weeks - can work 6 months2-3 months$75 Illinois
Indiana2-3 weeks - can work for 90 days3-4 weeks$60 Indiana
Kansas1-2 weeks - can work 120 days3-4 weeks$75 Kansas
Kentucky2-4 weeks - can work for 6 months2-4 weeks$179.75 Kentucky
LouisianaWalkthrough in person - can work for 90 days6-8 weeks$140-$250Must have housing established before going in to get temp license. Could take 4 weeks if sending in application vs. in person Louisiana
MassachusettsEmail for info1-3 weeks$275 Massachusetts
Maryland48 hour walk through3-4 weeks$192.75 Maryland
Maine1-2 weeks - work for 90 daysPrior to temp expiration$75 Maine
MichiganN/AN/A$64You can work for 1 yeaer via reciprocity/endorsement Michigan
Minnesota2-5 days - can work 60 days1-2 weeks$105 Minnesota
MissouriWalk through in person - same day - can work 6 months Missouri
Mississippi3-5 Days - work for 90 days1-2 weeks$125 Mississippi
MontanaN/A30 days$200 Montana
North Carolina1-2 weeks/work for 6 months6-8 weeks$218 North Carolina
North Dakota1-2 weeks/work for 90 days1-2 weeks$160 North Dakota
NebraskaTemp lasts 60 days Nebraska
New HampshireTemp lasts 120 days New Hampshire
New Jersey New Jersey
New Mexico2-4 weeks3-4 weeks$160Must do finger printing in New Mexico New Mexico
Nevada5 days60 daysMust do fingerprinting Nevada
New YorkLimited permit3-4 weeks unless from CA or IL (ad 6-8 weeks)$178 New York
Ohio3-4 weeks/work 6 months6-8 weeks$75 plus state verification fee Ohio
Oklahoma3-4 weeks/work 90 daysMust reuest temp to go active$99 Oklahoma
OregonN/A4-6 Weeks$268.50 plus home states verification fees Oregon
Pennsylvania1-2 weeks4-8 weeks$135 Pennsylvania
Rhode IslandWaiting for infoWaiting for info$135 Rhode Island
South CarolinaN/A2-3 weeks$110 South Carolina
South Dakota1-2 weeks/work for 90 days3-5 weeks$125Add up to 3 months for permanent if coming from non-nursys state South Dakota
TennesseeN/A4-6 weeks$115 Tennessee
Texas1-2 weeks/work 120 days2-3 weeks$186 Texas
UtahNo temp2-3 weeks$100 Utah
Virginia7-10 days2-3 weeks$190 Virginia
VermontWalk through2-3 weeks$150 Vermont
Washington2-3 weeks7-8 weeks$88 Washington
Wisconsin1-2 weeks/work for 90 days1-2 weeks$200 Wisconsin
West Virginia1-2 weeks1-2 weeks$125temp licenses will always expire on Oct 31st each year West Virginia
Wyoming3-5 daysIssued within 90 days$200Can work 90 days on Temp License Wyoming